Maxwell House Cafe Collection Creme Cappuccino T-Discs, Caffeinated, 8 ct - 14.72 oz Package

Net Weight Coffee 2.22 oz. (63g) & Milk Creamer 12.5 fl. oz. (370mL).This authentic Cappuccino is characterized by the intense taste of Maxwell House Cafe Collection Espresso and a layer of slightly sweet, frothy milk. Just like you'd find in your favorite cafe!Discover the Tassimo Single Cup Home Brewing System: Tassimo gives everyone the beverage they want from the brands they love--all at the touch of a button. Each perfectly measured T Disc is sealed to preserve freshness and flavor. And our smart brewing machine ensures that every beverage is made the way it was meant to be--perfect every time! Authentic Variety: With Tassimo, each cup is freshly brewed to celebrate its true character, down to our real milk-based latte and cappuccino, to give you the taste you love. Choose from a variety of familiar and international brands for your perfect cup, cappuccino, latte, espresso, crema, tea, hot chocolate.