Kool-Aid Sparklers Orange Flavored Sparkling Drink

Kool Aid Sparklers Orange Soda is a delicious alternative to more sugary canned drinks. This sparkling soft drink makes it easy to bring a tasty orange drink with you anywhere. Quench your thirst with the refreshingly sweet and citrusy taste of oranges. With 50% less total sugar than leading regular sodas and no high fructose corn syrup, this orange soft drink is always a great choice for the whole family (this has product 11 grams of sugars; leading regular sodas have 25 grams of sugars per 7.5 fl. oz. serving). These individually sealed cans ensure that you always have a refreshing beverage option on hand for any occasion. Enjoy an orange carbonated soft drink at work or at home, or pack them in lunches for a treat. Store this 7.5 fluid ounce canned soft drink in the fridge so its always cold and ready when youre craving a mouthwatering citrus flavored beverage on a hot day.